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Our Services

Secure Communications are professionals in Commercial and Residential security systems.

We design, implement, and maintain security systems for our clients from start to finish.

We service the Sydney CBD and Greater Sydney area. We are licensed and qualified security technicians, we collaborate with our clients to implement tailored security solutions for your premises. Our services include six key areas which cover a wide range of security applications. They include CCTV Surveillance, Access Control, Security Alarms, Intercom Systems, Voice & Data Networks and 24/7 Back to Base Monitoring.

Our expertise in the Commercial & Residential security has provided our customers with effective security solutions that have helped secure premises and provided peace of mind. We understand that your requirements may be specific and that every job is different, however we don’t shy away from any job and would be happy to offer a solution that matches your expectations.

CCTV Surveillance

State of the art, 24/7 Commercial and Residential CCTV Surveillance

SecureComms specialises in CCTV Surveillance Systems for commercial and residential properties. Our CCTV systems are designed for your peace of mind around the clock 24/7. Our market leading CCTV Systems use the latest technology from the most reputable brands.

CCTV is useful for instance purposes, accountability, productivity, profitability, and general security. Our systems are customised to tailor to your requirements. We will work with you to deliver a CCTV solution to suits your needs. Overall, CCTV systems provide many uses including, but not limited to:

-Theft & crime deterrent
-Workplace safety
-Evidence collection
-Efficiency in operational facilities


On top of CCTV security systems, we also specialise in custom CCTV systems that monitor operational facilities. For example, machinery and conveyor belt systems. This ensures that your business is running smoothly and efficiently and in line with production requirements. We set up an environment where you can relax and let the CCTV technology do the work.

Our CCTV systems involve high-tech features consisting of human and vehicle detection, motion detection, face detection, video tampering and more, all in HD resolution with remote viewing on all devices available. Commercial CCTV is our expertise and there are many options we have to tailor to your businesses needs.

We have licensed and qualified technicians, trained to install and maintain CCTV surveillance systems Sydney wide.

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Access Control

Commerical Access Control Systems for Safety and Security

Access control systems are useful to prevent or grant access to restricted areas of  premises. Many premises require individuals to use an encrypted swipe card or pin code to gain access to certain areas. We specialise in setting up these custom systems to your unique requirements. We use market leading technology for our access control systems from leading brands and providers. Access Control Systems are incredibly useful for the following reasons:

-Keyless entry
-Automation and door control
-Restrict unauthorised access
-Grant free access during set times
-Tracking foot traffic
-Less reliance on security personnel

Our systems include features such as record keeping and tracking, ensuring that your employees and individuals using the premises are safe and secure in the event of an emergency or incident.

Our Access Control Systems are backed by a full supplier warranty and maintained by ongoing support from our qualified technicians.

We also provide Access Control Systems to suit all types of premises and businesses from single door access control to full building management integration.

We have licensed and qualified technicians, trained to install and maintain Access Control Systems Sydney wide.

access control systems

Security Alarms

Residential and Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems

There are many different Alarm Systems you can have for your commercial or residential premises. We offer customised Security Alarm Systems to suit any application and environment, with wired and wireless options available we have a system to suit your requirements and budget. We use market leading technology from the most reputable brands when we put together and install a custom security alarm system for your home or business.

Security Alarms are useful for:

-Private property protection
-Peace of mind
-Burglar deterrent
-Reduced insurance costs

Alarm features includes:

  • Touch screen LCD displays
  • Motion detection sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Panic/hold up buttons
  • Vibration sensors
  • Smoke detection
  • and more….

Our services include installation and ongoing maintenance to ensure your alarm system works when you need it to, offering you peace of mind when away from your premises. Add an extra layer of protection with our back-to-base monitoring services for the most effective security solution. This will connect your alarm system with security personnel, who will respond to any incident.

We have expert licensed and qualified technicians, trained to install and maintain Security Alarm Systems Sydney wide. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

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Intercom Systems

Manage Access with Intercom Systems

Intercoms are a great way to protect your commercial or residential premises. Intercom systems have proven to be a huge advantage in heightening security in today’s age, whether it be in home or commercial applications. We install high quality, grade A intercom systems from market leading brands for your home or business that will help keep you and/or your staff safe and secure. The benefits of using an intercom system as follows:

-Access control for certain areas
-Better working environment for staff
-Comfortable living
-Visitor video verification

Features of our intercom systems include on demand video feed, missed call message services and more. You can easily compliment your security system by adding in an intercom. We are specialists in putting together custom security packages suited to your needs.

We have an Intercom system to suit all environments from home and business to complete multi-tenant intercom video systems for apartment buildings. A simple, yet effective entry security solution.

We have expert licensed and qualified technicians, trained to install and maintain Intercom Systems Sydney Wide. 

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Voice and Data Networks

Networked Security Systems are our Specialty

Secure Communications Australia design, install and implement custom Security Solutions from start to finish, including all associated networking for seamless ongoing use and support. Our technicians will help determine what network is most suitable for your business. We can add to existing networks, or build them from scratch to suit your requirements.

Depending on what your specific security setup is, we are able to implement a network that is reliable and efficient. An adequate voice and data network will perfectly compliment a commercial security setup, and we highly recommend it. We use the most up to date technology from market leading brands.

Modern security solutions rely upon seamless connectivity, and as experts of voice and data networking we specialise in this department. If you were wanting to speak to us about any requirements that you have, feel free to give us a call.

Our qualified technicians have over 15 years’ experience in Voice and Data Network installations, making us the only professionals you need to put your Commercial Security and Monitoring in place.

We have expert licensed and qualified technicians, trained to install and maintain Voice & Data Networks Sydney wide.

voice and data networks

24/7 Back To Base Monitoring

Real-time protection for your people, premises and assets.

24/7 Back To Base Monitoring is incredibly useful when you are away from your commercial premises or home. Whether you’re out and about or overseas, rest assured your property and assets are secure with our back to base monitoring services, giving you peace of mind and further security and safety when you are away. 24/7 Back To Base Monitoring means that you have security professionals monitoring and ready to respond to alerts and incidents 24/7 around the clock.

The benefits of using 24/7 Back To Base Monitoring:

-Peace of mind
-Fast & professional response to incidents
-Monitoring arming or disarming events

Our control room monitoring centre has Grade A1 Accreditation, the highest Australian Standard. Our operators not only monitor alarm events, but also monitor when your alarm system is armed or disarmed or requiring service.

For business customers a schedule can be set to notify you if your system is not armed outside of business hours and/or if any staff member returns outside of business hours keeping you in full control. Peace of mind knowing that a professional security company is there to patrol, monitor, respond and deal with any security situation at any time.

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