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Access Control Systems

Commercial access control systems for safety and security

Access control systems are useful to prevent or grant access to restricted areas of  premises. Many premises require individuals to use an encrypted swipe card or pin code to gain access to certain areas. We specialise in setting up these custom systems to your unique requirements. We use market leading technology for our access control systems from leading brands and providers. Access Control Systems are incredibly useful for the following reasons:

-Keyless entry
-Automation and door control
-Restrict unauthorised access
-Grant free access during set times
-Tracking foot traffic
-Less reliance on security personnel

Our systems include features such as record keeping and tracking, ensuring that your employees and individuals using the premises are safe and secure in the event of an emergency or incident.

Our Access Control Systems are backed by a full supplier warranty and maintained by ongoing support from our qualified technicians.

We also provide Access Control Systems to suit all types of premises and businesses from single door access control to full building management integration.

We have licensed and qualified technicians, trained to install and maintain Access Control Systems Sydney wide.

Access Control

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